There are a number of different ways you can get involved in what we do.

Giving time, prayer and donations

Giving Time

  • Chaplains – We are always looking for new volunteer chaplains.

Thinking of Chaplaincy?

  • Trustees – We are currently searching for trustees with legal experience & qualifications.


  • Please include, in your prayers, our teams of chaplains and the work they do.
  • Please email WM if you are interested in giving non financial support.

Donations and financial support

Please consider supporting us financially and donating towards our work. There’s multiple ways you can support us, read more at our donate page.
Visits and speakers

Would you like a speaker ?

Members of the Core Team and Board of Workplace Matters are available to speak to church, business and community groups in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire about chaplaincy services in workplaces.

Examples of talks which can be given

  1. “An Introduction to Workplace Matters” gives the ‘who, where, what, how and why’, of this caring ministry to people at work
  2. A discussion of an issue around the purpose of work or aspects of working life can be introduced.
  3. A talk about chaplaincy in a particular industry can be given clients.
  4. For faith groups, “How and why you might become a workplace chaplain” or “An exploration into the meaning and purpose of work” might be appropriate.


Normally expenses only. Organisations are customarily invited to contribute a donation towards the costs of providing, training and supporting chaplains.

Contact any of the Core Team, or e-mail Workplace Matters at