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Article Do's and Dont's of office etiquette

Like most areas of life, there are unwritten rule of the office that people are expected to follow. There may not be any official documents laying them out, but if they are broken then working relationships can dissolve too. To stay professional,...

06 Aug 2010

Article How do you ask for a pay rise?

Timing and leverage are two of the key components in successfully asking for a rise. There are a number of questions to consider before asking, not demanding, that a pay rise is warranted

06 Aug 2010

Article When people at your work are having an affair

Personal relationships of any kind at work are fraught with difficulties. Perhaps one of the most problematic is when an affair starts between two colleagues, especially when their partners or families are known to others in the team. Even just...

06 Aug 2010

Article Fight for family flexitime

Michael Clark of the Relationships Foundation is concerned that the current political and economic climate might scupper his organisation's work in getting the government to make it easier for workers to take time off at key family pressure points.

05 Nov 2008

Resource WM Consultants release YouTube videos

Keith Williams talks about change management

08 Mar 2013

Resource Transforming your business

John Kay discusses ways in which business owners/managers can start to tackle the transformation from an industrial management system to a social management system.

10 May 2012

Resource Thrive not strive

this document looks for the reasons for the failure to excel, and outlines some practical ways of using social capital alongside your existing management systems.

10 May 2012

Resource The Map of Meaning

A guide to sustaining our humanity in the world of work. This book can make a major impact on the lives of many, wherever they work and whatever their faith. It provides a highly practical, easy-to-follow yet thorough treatment of what we mean by...

09 May 2012

Resource Making change happen

"Change is the new reality", John Kay discusses how an organization can regenerate itself for success.

09 May 2012

Resource Business needs faith

John Kay reflects on bringing faith into every aspect of business life.

09 May 2012

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